Jeffrey Worden

Jeff is a spiritual pilgrim, and a recovering addict/alcoholic who’s been clean and sober since November 16, 1998. While finalizing his divorce in 2016—after a 15 year marriage—he began blogging as a creative outlet during a fit of despair. Jeff’s background is diverse; he grew up in southern California during the tumultuous 60’s, served in the Navy where he trained as a photographer, transitioned to a ranch hand in central Oregon, and then found his way into the restaurant business, as a chef in San Francisco.

When Jeff finally succumbed to his addiction—he landed in Minnesota for inpatient treatment/Rehab. Since his recovery, he has been an appraiser and project manager for a roofing contractor, and he now operates a small landscaping business while working as a delivery driver for a well-known sandwich franchise. He also updates and maintains his blog, WTFAI where he takes his readers along, through his pilgrimage.

Jeff seeks a simple existence, being the best example of a recoveredĀ person, father, and friend.