New Directions

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Rebirth, or new beginnings, are always available. We can start fresh at any given moment—it’s simply a matter of changing our course. A hard right, a quick left, or maybe even a U-turn. What’s even cooler is that each person’s GPS (or Thomas Guide if you’re old school) looks a little different—our internal compass is personalized and individually calibrated.

Since we’re all about “collaboration and fresh starts” here at Out of the Ashes, and since everyone’s path is unique, I thought I’d change directions and send out our first prompt—I’m hoping it will stir things up and inspire you!


Have you changed directions and/or altered the course of your life? What changed and how did it happen? Was it random or intentional? A gradual shift, or an AHA moment? What are some of the road blocks that you’ve hit, and how did you overcome them? Do you have any warning signs to share?

Does anything here strike a chord? Do you have some wisdom to share?

Tell us your story, write a poem or a haiku, create a piece of art… or take a photograph.

Ready, set, go!

9 thoughts on “New Directions

      1. Whoa! I’m not back, really…just made a quick pass through the Reader and saw your post! Glad you found my short lines acceptable 🙂 Lots of love, and blessings to you, Sister ❤

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      1. It’s so good to have company in the lost-memory zone, hah!😁 Thanks for your email–I’ll reply by weekend’s end…I’m exhausted at the moment, and have a to-do list to ponder. Much love to you, Z💖

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